Open-sourcing knowledge

My college startup


# Some time in 2021

Avish and I were aspiring entrepreneurs at the University of North Alabama. We met at the Generator - a facility for innovators, engineers, designers, etc. at our uni.

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Why to not not start a startup


Takeaway from Paul Graham's Why to not not start a startup

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Before the Startup


Paul Graham's Before the Startup

1. Counterintuitive

Startups are so weird that if you trust your instincts, you'll make a lot of mistakes. If you know nothing more than this, you may at least pause before making them.

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Pivoting Out of a Tarpit Idea


YC YouTube video

What are tarpit ideas?

Tarpit ideas are ideas that people try but don't pivot out quickly enough. It's a cause of death for many companies.

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Should you start a startup?


YC YouTube Video

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